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To create, produce and deliver shareable video content that showcases the new Mazda 2.


As a car packed with distinctive features, developed through industry-leading SkyActiv technology, what better way to showcase the new Mazda 2 than with the Unconventional Training School. A place where athletes reaching the pinnacle of their respective professions could use the Mazda 2 to achieve never-before-seen physical feats. Acrobalance, parkour, skateboarding and breakdancing. Athletes across these four disciplines would find a new stage on which to demonstrate and refine their talents, with the Mazda 2 integral to each stunt.

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I've worked with Scorch for 2 years and I continue to be impressed by their work. The Scorch team owns each project from beginning to end: they use their expertise to develop campaign flow and staging, but with a flexibility that allows us as the client to create exactly what we need. From concept to shoot to post-production work, I know I can rely on Scorch to deliver an end result that is cutting-edge, relevant and engaging for my audience. And the team is a blast to work with too!


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