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The Challenge

To create hygiene video content to demonstrate the brand new Honda CR-V and the distinctive features that make it a great family car.

The Idea

Filming in everyday environments we created five different pieces of content, each demonstrating the key features of the car; Everyday Equipment, Space and Practicality, Everyday affordability, Luxury and lastly Power and Performance. Key information was graphically tracked into the scenes resulting in a fresh and informative series of content that provided potential purchasers with everything required to make an informed buying decision.

  • Hygiene Content
  • Digital Video



Additional Images

honda simple one motion fold
honda heated wing mirrors
honda econ dashboard
honda extra fuel efficiency
honda award winning car

The team members I worked with at Scorch were great. I would summarise them using the following words: organised, creative, enthusiastic, great communicators and imaginative.

Hannah, Concur

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