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Our lives are busier than ever – and as a result, “mow the lawn” now tends to occupy one of the final few spots on our to-do lists. However, Honda Motors Europe’s robotic lawnmower saves customers from having to drag the dusty old lawnmower out from the garden shed to mow the lawn – letting them strike lawn mowing off their to-do lists for good.

Honda came to Scorch London with plans to promote its new Miimo HRM 3000 in a way that truly resonated with modern consumers. But the thing with modern consumers is, thanks to recent advances in digital technology, they are no longer all in the same place. So, how did Scorch London help Honda to reach consumers in a digitally segmented environment? The team created a highly-personalised campaign – with five different storylines told through 15 different ads, rolling them out across three key social platforms in eight different countries. Talk about customisation!

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Our lives are now busier than ever before – from working long shifts at the office, to driving the kids all over the place, to pulling an all-nighter to get an assignment in on time.

Let’s face it – we don’t have the time or energy to do the washing up by hand, or to sweep the floor, or to mow the backyard. So far, we have managed to make the first two chores a little more bearable with dishwashers and vacuum cleaners, but when it comes to mowing the lawn, most of us are still living in the Stone Age.

The Miimo HRM 3000 acts as your own personal gardener – the electric lawnmower is equipped with the latest state-of-the-art technology, with the ability to cut an impressive 4000m2, and with a smartphone app that allows users to easily change the lawnmower’s settings using Bluetooth technology.

The Miimo HRM 3000 is the third of its kind, with two earlier models, the Miimo HRM 310 and Miimo HRM 520, proving to be incredibly popular across Europe. But Honda wanted to bring the HRM 3000 to even more homes in Europe, and they needed a unique approach to help them do so.

That’s when Honda appointed Scorch London’s Chief Strategy Officer, Duncan Ramsay, to come up with a plan.


Miimo is designed to make the lives of modern consumers easier, so naturally, that was the main message Honda wanted to get across – but they wanted a campaign that showed this as well as told it.

While the automotive industry and power equipment sector traditionally tends to opt for TVC ads, Honda was well aware that technology is changing the way we live – so they wanted to create a digital campaign that reflects this.

“In today’s highly-saturated social media market, producing video content for social on its own is no longer good enough. Personalisation is where brands can truly make an impact.”

Duncan Ramsay, Chief Strategy Officer, Scorch London


Following a detailed review of the audience, the campaign strategy was devised. The proposition: “Honda Miimo ensures your lawn always looks its best, leaving you time to do what you really want to” – was defined by combining two specific insights. Firstly, we discovered that our richest prospects didn’t enjoy mowing the lawn, even if they enjoyed other gardening tasks. And secondly, demonstrating a range of ways people could use the time saved mowing the lawns on specific audience interests was highly relevant – and product relevance was further strengthened by showing time being enjoyed in the garden itself. An additional insight uncovered from those that already own a Honda Miimo provided creative inspiration – owners see their Miimo as a pet; a robotic device but one with character.

In order to successfully reach Honda’s target audiences, Scorch had to devise a highly-targeted and personalised creative strategy.

Calling it Honda’s “Thanks Miimo” campaign, Scorch London came up with a plan to directly focus on five different storylines: a middle-aged golfing couple with a somewhat complex gardening landscape; a family of football fanatics; a passionate and perfectionist gardening couple; an older woman with a small and low-maintenance garden; and an active, busy family with very little time to maintain their garden.

Translating the creative idea into a clear campaign structure required a detailed understanding of how social and digital platforms are being used – as well as a detailed understanding of the opportunities to use sophisticated remarketing rules to serve our richest prospects the next, most relevant, piece of content. This approach enabled us to engage viewers immediately, and then remarket shorter pieces of content designed to tackle barriers to purchase head on. A final remarketing phase then encouraged low-funnel prospects to visit the Honda Miimo landing page and submit their data in return for a brochure or a dealer call back.

Overall, the campaign is made up of 15 different social videos designed to comply with the requirements of each social channel (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), whilst also using a clearly defined remarketing model for further creative assets to drive conversions.

The filming was completed to meet the specific needs of Facebook and Instagram, which both have very particular advertising requirements to ensure video content is optimised for news feeds and its mobile channels.


By optimising the campaign executions for the news feed environment, regardless of the device used, Scorch was able to reach the right people, in the right place and at the right time.

The campaign includes 15 videos designed to be viewed sequentially – to engage, persuade and convert each audience segment. Launched across European markets on 6 March, 2017, “Thanks Miimo” has rolled out across Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium, with France, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


By demonstrating to consumers how Miimo can fit into their everyday lifestyles, Scorch was able to deliver a compelling campaign that reached and engaged its five target audiences across Europe.

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“Scorch have worked with us on several great (sorry, meant AMAAAZZZINNNGGG!!!) projects. They are great to work with, deliver on time, and are always ready to go the extra mile.”