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Our kitchens are changing. They’re not just for eating, but for meeting. Cooking isn’t a chore, but a scene. That’s the marketing stage Frylight stepped onto – a challenger brand with a market-busting product that makes families feel good about frying. So what special sauce did Scorch London add that helped Frylight hit the 87th percentile in tested recall?

It was a deeper dish than just a creative TV campaign. Involving the latest trends in consumer research and ad testing, they looked at audience response across a broad set of metrics – not so much a tasting platter as the whole menu. And then noted the results with the judgement of a Michelin critic. Here’s how Frylight and Scorch London cooked up a storming ad.

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Everyone loves a self-wokked stir-fry, or hand-cut chips with that perfect crunch. But many consumers these days see a downside to frying: all that fat means a high calorie count. Frylight had a mission to take the dirty out of delicious. Call it feel good frying.

At the core of Frylight’s solution is a realisation that all that glistens is not oil. Get the recipe right, and you can get the deliciousness without the calories. The innovative cooking spray that uses plant extracts to combine two ingredients that don’t normally mix – oil and water. It’s a frying experience with 95% less fat . . . thanks to just one calorie per spray.

That was the solution; now the job was to take it into the nation’s kitchens. Soon after Frylight appointed Scorch London, Scorch’s Chief Strategy Officer Duncan Ramsay and Account Director Sophie Connor led an all-day communications workshop.


Feel good about frying, thanks to 95% less fat in the mix. It’s a strong USP. But Frylight wanted more insight into how the category was perceived by consumers. Frylight didn’t just want to get on your shopping list, the brand wanted to change the whole mindset around what to have for dinner.

That was Scorch’s cue to start slicing and dicing, with in-depth research into the modern family: over 50 people, 75% of them not current Frylight buyers. Mapping out all the barriers and triggers between the consumer’s mind and the kitchen counter, the agency unwrapped fresh insights, testing 10 conceptual territories and narrowing them to a single core proposition.

“People don’t buy oil and water. They buy fewer calories, more choice for the family, freedom to eat more of what they like most.”

Duncan Ramsay, CSO, Scorch London

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It wasn’t a case of pinning up ideas and discarding those that didn’t work. Rather, the areas of interest were cycled through various iterations. Force-evolving each idea, to get closer and closer to that one critical difference that could support an entire advertising effort. The approach is part of Scorch London’s special sauce.

Then – and only then – did Sophie release the brief to creative team Will Clark Smith and Alice Scruton. Within weeks six creative campaigns emerged, with four served up to a focus group. Across the table, media partner UM defined and refined the media strategy, chopping and changing according at the level of individual programmes across both terriestrial and satellite channels.

The refined concepts gave us the freedom to develop creative confidently within the defined direction”, comments Will. “Only trouble was, looking at the source photos  in the research kept making us  hungry!” adds Alice.

Director Andy Lambert set the script in a series of sweeps that feel like a single shot. Couples and families – with sets and outfits colour-matched to the food, from fresh greens and oranges of a stir-fry to white and yellow for an egg on toast – pass the Frylight between them from kitchen to kitchen, mealtime to mealtime. The spot’s backed by a bouncing soundtrack that got the focus group’s heads nodding. The message is clear: Frylight lets everyone fry up with freedom, without the downside.


In testing with other brands, the ad reached the 87th percentile: beating 9 out of 10 competitors for recall. A rotation between two media flights spanning Winter and Summer ensured an audience of millions.  Ideas Frylight wanted to communicate – like “Family” and “Colourful” – were top-of-mind among test subjects. All contributing to Frylight’s goal: making the innovative spray an everyday part of everybody’s kitchen. “You’ve tried Frylight, right?

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Without resorting to artificial ingredients, Frylight disproves the old tale about oil and water not mixing. For its part, Scorch London disproved an idea far too common in advertising agencies: that data-driven research and fresh creativity don’t mix.

It’s how Scorch works: great ideas from real insights, executed with the verve of a production team that’s all inhouse. To stir Scorch into your next creation, contact us.