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To produce a TV commercial to increase brand awareness for Deep Heat and to demonstrate graphically how the product targets muscular pain.


Filming an athlete on a Phantom camera at 1000fps, we were able to create a highly stylised look for the ad and create changes of pace throughout to help show the product in action. Visual effects were added throughout including muscular definition, and the interior of the injured muscle. Flow lines to show the speed and flow of the athlete once the pain has diminished were also added both in front and behind the athlete. The result is a stunning commercial which highlights the benefits of the product in a very clear way. The ad is now airing on all major channels across the UK and Ireland.

  • TV Advertising
  • Motion Graphics
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I've worked with Scorch for 2 years and I continue to be impressed by their work. The Scorch team owns each project from beginning to end: they use their expertise to develop campaign flow and staging, but with a flexibility that allows us as the client to create exactly what we need. From concept to shoot to post-production work, I know I can rely on Scorch to deliver an end result that is cutting-edge, relevant and engaging for my audience. And the team is a blast to work with too!


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