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Most people prefer not to think about their energy bills. It shows up in your letterbox or inbox every month, you pay it, and it goes away: end of story.

For most people, the mere thought of changing energy suppliers is enough to make even the most cost-conscious consumer feel lethargic. And that’s because dealing with energy companies is complicated – well, it can be anyway, with all the confusing tariffs and hidden costs.

As a cheaper, simpler, and more transparent alternative to the big six energy suppliers, OVO Energy already had a great offering, but in order to tackle consumer’s inertia towards switching energy providers, OVO needed to create a light-bulb moment.

Our answer: cold, hard, cash!

Well, £200 to be precise – that’s how much consumers save each year if they switch to OVO – and that’s what the team at Scorch London centred their colourful and compelling digital campaign on, bringing the OVO brand to life with the flick of a switch.

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Having only been on the scene since 2009, OVO has been working hard over the past few years to separate themselves from the super-corporate, super-competitive and super-complicated companies that dominate the energy market.

So, how exactly does OVO stand apart from the big six energy suppliers?

Its disruptive business model is all about transparency, stripping away the fluctuating promotions, hidden fees and unnecessary costs.

But despite these positives, the Bristol-based business was well-aware that most consumers were unlikely to change energy suppliers for any old reason.

The team at OVO knew that one of its most-compelling selling points was that its customers saved over £200 in energy expenses each year.

It was this fact that the OVO team wanted to highlight in a way that was larger than life – and that’s when they came to us.


OVO wanted its digital campaign to achieve two things: increase brand awareness and boost consumer consideration of OVO as an energy supplier.

To achieve these goals, it needed a campaign that was genuinely engaging and helped overcome consumer apathy towards switching energy suppliers, as well as providing a compelling incentive.

With a broad target audience of consumers aged over 25 years old, the brand wanted the digital campaign to appeal to people from all different ages, genders and backgrounds.

They also wanted the campaign to target people at all the different stages of the customer journey, engaging, nudging and converting them along the way.

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Our first port of call was to clearly define the specific interest groups we wanted the campaign to target, as we knew it would give us even higher engagement. After conducting in-depth qualitative research, we deciphered that parents, pet-lovers, and sports enthusiasts were the three likely audiences OVO could form an emotional connection with.

Building from the idea ‘What could you do with £200?’ as a form of creative inspiration – Scorch London’s creative team, Will Clark Smith and Alice Scruton, came up with three original concepts that each appealed to one of these three interest groups.

Further developing these initial concepts, they created a series of ads that showcased some of the more unusual ways OVO consumers could spend the spare £200, evoking feelings such as humour, compassion and competitiveness. Not only did these ads leave viewers with a real-life financial incentive, they were also shot in a colourful and upbeat manner to tackle consumer’s inertia towards the energy market and inspire viewers to switch to OVO.

Shooting on an Arri Amira camera, the video campaign was filmed on location at a house in London over a two day period. As all three ads were shot in the one home and to such a short time-scale, a high-level of creativity and organisation was needed on our part to ensure all three sets looked distinctive form one another and that filming was finished over the two days. Scorch London was also responsible for the pre-production, casting, shooting, editing, design, sound design, and colour grading of the videos.

Overall, the campaign consisted of three hero ads, a Facebook carousel display, single-frame link adverts, banner adverts, and long-form digital advertorial content. Once the campaign was complete, OVO published the content on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Gemini ads.

We also implemented a highly-detailed remarketing strategy – serving relevant content to OVO’s richest prospects, allowing us to engage viewers from the outset. We then served up shorter pieces of content to counter any potential barriers to purchase head on. Our final stage was to encourage low-funnel prospects to visit a series of landing pages on the OVO website.


OVO’s campaign went live on 14 June, 2016, and ran through to 14 August of the same year, and over this time period, the company increased brand awareness and encouraged customer conversions with our engaging and strategic digital campaign.

Brand awareness was achieved through garnering over 5.1 million impressions across social media and advertising platforms, according to a Nielsen study commissioned by OVO that measured the effectiveness of the campaign. All of these impressions came from consumers aged over 25 years old, effectively reaching our target audience.

The film featuring the baby and the film featuring the dog both received 5,600 likes on Facebook, and the video of the bike fanatic received 2,400 likes. These ads also made it into the top 25% with Brainjuicer audiences.

Our retargeting strategy proved itself effective, with consumers who had watched the OVO content twice as likely to click on future ads. According to the Nielsen study, the click-through-rate for OVO ads doubled from 0.30% to 0.70% for those who had seen the ads.

We also saw the highest increase in purchase consideration Nielsen has ever recorded online, increasing from 34% to 46% for consumers who were exposed to the ads.

These impressive results were shared onto us by the team at OVO, who were highly-impressed by the success of the campaign and the effectiveness of the Scorch London team.



With Brainjuicer Audiences
Increase in Purchase Consideration
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Creating over 5 million impressions, doubling the click-through-rate and sparking the biggest increase in purchase consideration Nielsen has ever recorded online: we’d say those are some highly-impressive results that OVO can confidently take to the bank.

If you’re in need of a creative and highly-targeted digital strategy, get in touch with the team at Scorch London today.


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