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By February 1, 2017Uncategorized
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Is the television industry doomed for destruction? And is fake news posing a real threat to the news industry? And will the new iPhone live up to all the 10-year-anniversary hype? As a creative agency, we are constantly on the hunt for the latest digital, advertising, social and media trends – here’s a fistful of topics that are currently trending in Adland.

The hot new medium… television

Winter Is NOT coming for television shows. If anyone still thinks the web will kill TV, we suggest they re-read Marshall McLuhan: new media boost old ones more often than they destroy them.

With Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions so widespread they rival broadcast coverage, the story isn’t one of television dying, but of companies failing to adapt. Netflix’s 2017 budget for new creative is over US$6bn, more than triple HBO’s.

Scorch’s take: this story’s going to run and run. Or more likely, stream and stream. Share your battles with Scorch by contacting us.

Fake news: a fake story

The hand-wringing over Fake News continues. Since you-know-who got elected across the pond, the contribution false news stories make to public opinion has kept commentators abuzz and agog.

Apparently partisan falsehoods swing more opinions than the top 19 major news sources. The trouble is, these fake sites are often part of advertising display networks – and if they make money for their owners, they’re going to stick around.

Scorch’s take: keep your critical faculties polished. Start by talking to Scorch.

Why creativity moves to smaller screens

Production values are on the up and up, too. With the movies an endless parade of identikit superheroes, TV continues to outclass the big screen in originality and creativity.

Series like The Crown are ringing the tills at over £10m per episode, and producers are already talking about the first £20m-an-hour show. Great news for advertisers, because each new show creates new advertising space and slots in everything from sponsorship to product placement.

Scorch’s take: keep watching and you’ll be amazed. For more high-quality production, check out Scorch Films.

Apple’s iPhone: at that difficult age

The iPhone celebrates its tenth birthday, with warning signs from Apple. The slim gadget is no longer the cream of the crop, not even where the action is.

And the new device just isn’t that different to the old one. Has Infinity Loop taken its eye off mobile? But the screens are beautiful, providing a larger, more colourful window onto the consumer. And that’s what matters: it’s not the technology, but what you do with it.

Scorch’s take: it’s not a lack of innovation so much as the maturing of the sector. Even the most whiz-bang technology, once ubiquitous, seems unexciting. Do more with tech, with Scorch.

Zero-based accounting: starting over each year 

Doing it by the numbers now means starting from zero. Increasingly, marketers are budgeting each year without preconceptions.

Justifying every penny of spend as if it were new without considering  whether it’s up or down from last year. It’s a management account trend first seen around fifteen years ago, but its takeup among marketers has been slower.

Scorch’s take: zero-based accounting is hard work, but it’s a great opportunity for ambitious ad agencies to pick up fresh billings from switched-on clients.

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