We told a few little white lies to promote Big Little Lies

By March 15, 2017Uncategorized

We all grew up hearing little white lies from our parents – from being told that pumpkin seeds or cabbage patches have a much larger role in the reproductive system than they really do, to being lead to believe that our childhood pets are prone to taking mysterious prolonged trips to tropical locations.

Now, as adults, most of the little lies we were told simply slipped off the radar – but on occasion, these seemingly innocent slurs can build into earth-shattering childhood realisations (such as that one awful episode of Home Improvement which shattered a few illusions about Father Christmas – thank you Tim Allen!)

So, when it comes to fibbing to our children, where is the line between right and wrong – or is there no line at all?

The little white lies we tell our kids

Creative Agency Scorch London paired up with Fever PR and Now TV to deliver a hilarious advertising campaign promoting the new HBO mini-series Big Little Lies, which premiered on Now TV on Monday 13 March on Sky Atlantic.

To promote the American dark comedy-drama to UK audiences, which features Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, we pulled together some of our local talents to pry out a few of our own most common little white lies. It was a perfect fit having Strictly Come Dancing’s host, Claudia Winkleman, to lead the discussion and the panel of parents – the hilarious Helen Thorn and Ellie Gibson from the Scummy Mummies, and the very witty Anna Whitehouse from MotherPukka – shed some new light on their favourite fibs.

To make the four-minute video as relevant to viewers as possible, we shared some interesting stats about modern-day parenting, such as:

  • Three-quarters of parents have told a little white lie to their kids at some point
  • 55% of parents tell a little white lie to their child once a week
  • 1 in 5 parents have pretended they were poorly when they were hungover

Using these stats as a launching pad for a discussion, the group of women shared a few interesting lies which ranged from telling their kids that Taylor Swift loves brushing her teeth four to five times a day, to pretending Coca Cola is beer so that the children don’t drink it, to claiming that chocolate is too ‘spicy’ for kids to eat.

While these lies make for a good story, Claudia defended their actions by saying: “Bringing up kids is hard – I’m certainly prepared to bend the truth a little here and there.”

Delivering the big little lie to the masses

We wanted the video to have an intimate and familiar feel to it – so we came up with the idea of having these four lovely (and hilarious) ladies meet up in a cafe for a catch up. We wanted to produce a video that was honest and authentic, not only to our four guests but to parents in general, and we’re very happy with the results.

As well as coming up with the initial concept and strategy, the team at Scorch were also responsible for casting, filming and production.

As specialists in marketing and advertising,  we thoroughly enjoyed working on this fun and engaging project for Fever PR and Now TV, and we believe it was a great way to get the British public excited about Big Little Lies. To view the full case study, click here to be directed to the Scorch Films website. Or if you’re interested in finding out more about the other projects we have worked on, or how we could potentially work with you, get in touch with the Scorch London team today.