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Watch Our\2014 Showreel
Watch Our\2014 Showreel

We are a creative production agency producing films across a wide range of global brands, industries and platforms.
Gemalto\Technology Series
Gemalto\Technology Series

Motion Graphics\2013 ShowReel
Motion Graphics\2013 ShowReel

The latest motion graphics reel from the design team here at Scorch London

A powerful, cinematic film promoting Statoil's 'Heroes of Tomorrow' campaign, which backs talented young people in sport.
BBC\Mars Explainer
BBC\Mars Explainer

An animated explainer video for the BBC all about the fourth planet from the Sun, Mars.
Twiends\Character animation
Twiends\Character animation

A colourful character animation to introduce the latest social networking tool for Twitter, Twiends.

We are a creative video production agency with a global reach, producing innovative films and original content across a wide range of brands, industries and platforms.

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    Everyone is very happy about the video! Thanks again for all your work and effort. It was a huge ask on our part and you did some serious heavy lifting. Much appreciated.

    Carrie Bienkowski – eBay

    The final production was of a very high standard indeed. It has been received exceptionally well within the Levi’s® business and is going a long way to help achieve the quite specific goals that creating this film would hopefully deliver.

    Rhodri Evans – Levis

    We were very impressed with Scorch right from the beginning, after our first briefing call with them. They provided us with a number of concepts to work with and were on hand as and when required, especially when briefing the concept to the project group. They continually worked with us to ensure we were 100% [...]

    Sarika Kapoor – Siemens

    The film is incredible. We can show it to anyone and be sure that the objective will be met; ‘the person will gain an insight into the unique experience of having someone you love go missing’. It strikes a fine balance between being emotive and informative without overdoing either.

    Karen Robinson – Missing People

    Really gorgeous and amazing production – especially given the amount of time to shoot and post it…a SUPER fabulous job… The final video production is fabulous.

    US Events Co-ordinator – Macy’s


    Scorch London is a creative video production agency with a global reach spanning multiple disciplines including TV commercials, digital media, motion design, animation and business communication. With a collective passion for all things moving, we love to produce an extremely wide range of content for an equally wide range of delighted clients.


    As a creative agency we have ideas at our heart. Brilliant ideas that set us apart from being just another production company. It is this zest for ideas that drives us to create the very best work for you, our clients.


    We learn all about your product, brand, and company. We ask questions and delve deep to really understand what you need. We are rigorous and meticulous. We brainstorm, collaborate, go away and have a think about it, come back and brainstorm some more, whittle ideas down, test our ideas, are hard on ourselves, and don’t rest until the creative concept is fully-formed and absolutely perfect.

    Creative Concept

    Once the concept is decided, we then write the script, create style frames, and develop storyboards. We try something new, we collaborate some more, and develop a story, look and feel that is the perfect summation of all that has gone before.


    Once the creative concept is developed, we then make the film, commercial or viral, and we make it really rather brilliantly. Our experience producing some of the freshest and most innovative work across a broad spectrum of industries enables us to strike the perfect balance of concept, direction, quality, style and content each and every time.


    With a substantial production team of highly skilled creative and technical experts working at Scorch, we can handle both large scale complex shoots, alongside much simpler productions, with everything in-between. We have filmed all over the world, for clients across industries including automotive, fashion, FMCG, finance and technology.

    Motion Graphics and Animation

    Alongside our production team, we have one of the largest dedicated in-house motion graphics departments in the UK, comprising some of the brightest and most experienced designers working in the industry today. With the capability to produce 2D animation, 3D animation, character design, animated typography and full-blown CG animation, we have the built-in firepower to apply a dazzling breadth of skills to every production we undertake, no matter how large and complex.


    Finally, we have an extremely talented editing and post-production team capable of handling all offline and online editing, music composition, sound design and audio post-production on all projects.


    Using all of the tools, people and experience we have at our wonderfully creative fingertips, we really deliver. With our background in marketing, television, and advertising, we know the ingredients that will make your audience take notice and really engage with your message. Our combination of expertise, experience, technical wizardry, and out and out talent means that you will receive a video production service that will delight you and your target audience alike.

    Don’t take our word for it

    We don’t produce run-of-the-mill work for run-of-the-mill clients. We produce inventive and inspired work for clients we absolutely love. Take a look at our testimonials to see how we have delivered before and then give us a call to see how we can deliver again, just for you.

    Next steps

    If you have a project that you’d like to chat to us about, whether it’s a TV commercial, online film, corporate video or simply a production idea that needs to be developed, give us a call on 020 7287 1702 or email